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[an error occurred while processing this directive]The University of St. Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest university in Britain. It has a global reputation for academic excellence, research, and quality of student life. The links below are of direct relavance to university life and draw on some of the best information available within the university's own intranet.

 University of St. Andrews
University of St Andrews - Home Page The official "home page" of the university. It has a splendid new look yet retains the easy navigation of its predecessor.
Students' Association A very nicely done resource for students, outlining services offered and giving advice on housing etc. Also includes a list of former students current contact info.
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St. Andrews University Christian Union The Christian Union is one of the largest and most active student societies in the University, providing fellowship, teaching, evangelism and fun activities for and by students. Dynamic student society reflected in an equally dynamic website which is a great resource for students.
Main meeting - Fridays at 7:30 PM

Raisin Monday
Find out more about this weird and wonderful student tradition, or send a postcard of the event.
Gatty Marine Laboratory Centenary Homepage Now celebrating a hundred years of research. The Gatty, proudly displays its history and contributions to marine science in Scotland and around the world. Locate on Map

Scottish Parliament Project


The university has been engaged to document on-line the history of the Scottish Parliament from it's earliest beginnings to the Act of Union in 1707. They have online the 1457 act of parliament banning golf in favour of church attendance and archery.
Mac Tutor The University's very readable, enjoyable and informative web site on the history of Mathematics. It has lots of excellent biographies, anecdotes, pictures etc.
University Music Center
Younger Hall
The Younger Hall was a gift from James Younger, one of the George Younger & Sons, brewers of Alloa. That branch of the family also owned Mount Melville, the grounds of which now form Craigtoun Park.
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St. Salvator's Chapel Alistair MacDonald has done an excellent job of documenting the beauty and history of the university chapel.
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Scientific Glassblowing at the School of Chemistry Scientific Glassblowing Workshop at School of Chemistry in St. Andrews University.
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The Saint Award winning St. Andrews University student newspaper. As radical and as irreverant as one would expect for a student rag.
The Sinner The Sinner is an independent student website, with student message boards, classified ads, articles, news and much more. To find out what the Students of St. Andrews are really thinking, come here!
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