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I wish to express my thanks to the following people for their contributions to this guide.

    • First and foremost to my family ... for indulging, and indeed sharing, my love for St. Andrews; and for their patience in allowing me to "burn the midnight oil" in producing this guide.
    • The Royal Burgh of St. Andrews Community Council for permission to use their coat of arms.
    • To Cyberspace Technologies for the use of their Rubberneck Java applet in rendering the virtual reality images of the town.
    • To Bremner and Orr Design Consultants Ltd., and the Kingdom of Fife Tourist Board, for permission to use the 3-dimensional map of the town centre.
    • To David Joy, Jim Bews, Paul Grant and Arnot Williamson for covering the Kate Kennedy 2000 Procession.
    • To various contributors of photographs, including ...
      Jim Bews, Computing Officer, Department of Chemistry, University of St.Andrews.
    • To Stuart Winton, Pete Lindsay and others for constructive feedback, resulting in a better production than would otherwise have been possible on my own.
    • To the University of St. Andrews for access to St. Salvator's Tower.
    • And especially to the people of St. Andrews who, despite the increasing pressures of tourism and golf, continue to extend a warm welcome to guests visiting the town.

To all of the above, I extend a heart felt "thank you".

Ken Cochran

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Test your knowledge of St. Andrews

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